Fresh Street - The program

Fresh Street - The program

Vision, direction and final program


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Although no one, yet, is able to fully grasp the effects of the emotional vacuum in human and social relations, caused by the ever-so-present physical distancing, we can at least try and regard this moment in history as a chance for reshuffling the cards and shaking up certainties.

The “Space in Between” can then become an opportunity to pause and investigate the key role that creation in the public space might hold in the cohesion processes and well-being of communities and citizens; we can also take a step back to reflect on our practices, our professional and individual realities, before rushing to return to the “world as we knew it before”, without even so much as asking ourselves the question: what matters now?

The “Space in Between” is certainly an uncomfortable area filled with doubts and uncertainties, but it could also be a beam of light in a dark night leading us towards a more inclusive, diverse, sustainable and fairer future. It really depends on how we are able to adjust our focus and how we can put that ability to spark further investigation and new creativity.

What role should street arts play tomorrow? Come and join us digitally for FRESH STREET#4 to know more about it, to share ideas, get food for thought and, ultimately, to stay connected and show or be shown solidarity.


Fresh Street - Digital Guide

If you feel stressed by digital events, don't worry. Take always a look on our Fresh Street quick guide to enjoy this digital edition. It will be easy and interactive.