The journey of Fresh Street 4 finally starts

The journey of Fresh Street 4 finally starts

Opening session and conference


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Welcome! We have waited a lot for it and finally, even if the Pandemic tried to stop us... today the 4th edition of Fresh Street begins!

FRESH STREET #4 has as main theme 'the Space in Between'. Our starting point? To understand the role street art should have nowdays.

We're all waiting for you for the opening session at 5.30 p.m.: we're going to talk about themes like ethics of relationships, dignity of the individual, human rights, freedoms and other super interesting points of reflection.

And who is going to talk about all of this? Our first speaker is Vida Cerkvenik Bren, a theatre director who coordinated many artistic projects in the public space and who taught and lectured at the National Theatre University in many countries across the UE and others.

If you want to know more about that you can click on the following link: 

Just for today the opening conference will be able on the Facebook page of Circostrada Network and reported on the FNAS channels.

See you at 5.30 p.m., "happy Fresh to you all"!