Second day of the journey

Second day of the journey

How many things you can't lose



Yesterday's opening was amazing! Over 300 people from all around the world have registered.
Here we are, even more excited for the 2nd day of Fresh Street 4! Today you can't lose these two appointments: 2.30 p.m. the artistic presentation; 5.30  p.m. the Keynote "Re-connecting with the livings: where do arts stand?".

Throughout the session that will begin at 2.30 p.m., 12 italian companies and their artistic works, carefully selected by an international jury, will be presented.

Let's see the different artistic projects:

- Chilowatt - electric company+: a show inspired by the great scientist Nikola Tesla;
- CikaLe - Pem habitat teatrali: a comical music trio;
- Circo all'Incirca & Zeroidee: a multidisciplinary performance on a... bus;
- eVenti Verticali: a virtual animation... live;
- Compagnia Claudio&Consuelo: two cooks who travel with their unique vehicle and make random stops;
- Faber Teater: an a-typical show in which everyone is on a bicycle;
- Gianluca Gerlando Gentiluomo: a man with his briefcase who can "fly with the body and the heart";
- Faber Teatro: a show in which a Grande Piano is an instrument which combine music and dance;
- Il Teatro Viaggiante: an itinerant show about themes related to the environment;
- Lorenzo Baronchelli & Gianni Risola | Ambaradan & Otto Panzer: a sequence of performances based on non-verbal actions;
- Parade 78: a performance in which we'll explore today's freaks strictly related to the traditional side of shows;
- Silence Teatro: an itinerant show conducted by installation sculpture.

In the Keynote at 5.30 p.m. we're going to talk about the eco-responsibility and the place of art in this new paradigm caused by the Pandemic. In this session we'll go from theory to practice giving some cultural keys to reflect on initiating long-term changes.

In this conference we'll have two speakers: Rebecca Hazelwood, who has worked in the Sustainability and Environmental sector for over 8 years both in England and abroad, and John Jordan who liverd for over 30 years between art and activism.

See you later with our two appointments at 2.30 p.m. and at 5.30 p.m.!