Fresh Street has gone...

Fresh Street has gone...

But what matters is what's left, which means: a lot!



Fresh Street, the leading international event in the field of art in public space Circostrada and passed through Turin for 4 days, has left for the new destination. Uncertain as the sign of this present time is.

Four really intense days, with high profile speakers and with attendees from all around the world to inspect themes like inclusiveness, environmental sustainability, legality, balance between collective rights and individual freedom, shared responsibility, all over the magnifying glass of the main theme: the space in between.

This space in between, which physically became a non physical place, that had to be Turin, but a digital space which tried to fill up the distance, has been a place of experimentation deeply innovative. Fresh Street has been a real place of interaction and inclusion, with conferences, artistic actions, presentations and a lot of interaction in real time through a pro area, which was able to make easier a real networking and many call to action, by polls and word cloud, with which attendees really took a place in the the debate, picturing also personal feelings.

Moreover, it was a seminar which also collected the emotional side, the sense of uncertainty, fears and desires that each of us live in this period, with the wish not of returning to normality, but of a more natural and human state. A state which we can put to good use the “lesson” we learned.

Inside of each passage of Fresh Street’s reflection, all the roads lead to art and performances and to the fill rouge of the public space as a place in which determined contradictions can emerge. The public space also became a territory of artistic and political actions, like it was for the artistic performance of Luigi Ciotta in #Fresh Market#.

His character, Giuseppe Talamia, matched with the actor Francesco Giorna, brought in the farmers’ market in Porta Palazzo, camouflaging himself with local productors, a chance for performances to exist that, respecting all rules of the sector, could not be possible. A “way to say” that the digital experience is not enough and that the real life show should be considered as nutriment as well the physical nourishment. 

Aboutt these days it also remains the bitter taste of not being able to share together the physical experience of the city, but with the awareness of opening a way to a real internationalisation of the sector and to the promotion of that artistic creativity.

Once again, thank you all for your participation that we could define immense!